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June Clinic & May Cows

I went to another clinic with Kent Herbel this weekend. After the two trials we have been to (HWASC & SEMASA) I saw a clear problem with each dog that I wasn't effectively dealing with. I even had a hard time articulating it for Kent, but upon demonstration it they were pretty clear. I have (finally) gone beyond what I had previously experienced in teaching my dogs and was really screwing up Mesa's drive. Someone was taking pictures at the SEMASA trial and in each one, Mesa was looking at ME during her crossdrives. Ooops. I was looking at the sheep so I didn't realize the depth of her uncertainty. Tess's problem was that I had let her work closer and closer andcloserandcloser to her sheep to the point where she was loosing control of her sheep. She is so strong eyed that she can sneak in really close and I wasn't getting her back off effectively or consistently (my confusion, but she's not disturbing her sheep..ack help!) and she was developing a horrible habit very quickly. This weekend had the effect of a meditation retreat. My head has been twisted around and screwed back on right. I'm still trying to assimilate. It was AWESOME.


Below is the animated .gif Ed made for me (cause I don't know how to do that $^!t) from a series of photos Lori Herbel took of Mesa in Kansas. The little red dog with teeth:

Mesa turning a small herd of cattle in Kansas

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  • vtdogs

    Super photos! And it sounds like some great revelations at the clinic. Now when can we start tagging along?

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