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Mesa Working Cattle

I have some pictures of Mesa working this past weekend! These are from Started Cattle at the HWASC spring ASCA stock trial.

I believe these are a couple pictures from each day. Saturday I was wearing my big brown coat and freezing and I don't remember the sun coming out!

Both days started with a take pen. Mesa had to go into the pen holding the 5 steers and bring them out:

Driving the group up along the fence:

This steer really wants to back to the take pen:

Here is a series of Mesa grouping and turning them through a panel:

–>Photos by Sheila Price (THANK YOU AGAIN SHEILA!)<–

My goal in entering started cattle again was to give Mesa more experience and keep rebuilding her confidence. Well, we had a fantastic run on Saturday, very confident and really decisive in controling them. She was brave and awesome. Not an exceptionally smooth run, very much started level, but it was exhilarating.

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