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Summer Reading

There are some excellent training posts popping up this week. It doesn’t matter what your sport is….the thoughts are still valid. Brain food while you’re stuck indoors:

1) 1100 Miles Home
“The dog is NOT being ‘bad’, it’s just over it’s head. I did not do my job of preparing my dog well enough. My bad.”

2) The Possibilities in Dog Training
“The better you are at controlling reinforcement, the less you will need punishment in training.”

3) Proper Mental Training

“I LOVE when the dog asks ” Is THIS what you want”? I can’t sculpt or paint. Taking a active, silly dog and making him a well-oiled tool is the closest I get to ART! As the dogs learn, they achieve confidence and they LIKE it. The want our approval and they want to work sheep. The better they obey, the more sheep they get and they figure that out! This is the groundwork for the “team” you and your dog become.”

(One comment on something the author says in this post: I believe that if I am doing a necessary part of training and I find it “boring”, then I need a mental adjustment…I need to “find the joy.” It may take extra creativity, but I believe I can make any training reinforcing for my dog if I think about it hard enough. If it’s something I really need to do to progress, then the progress is my reinforcement, no?)

In other words, be diligent & creative in your training, communicate with your dog, learn to use and control reinforcement to build/change behavior, and try to behave like an adult.

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