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Tess CGC

Last night Tess earned her CGC. I’ve been way behind on that because of working on Elli’s problems. I finally knuckled down, put Elli’s dog & stranger work on the back burner for a couple of months to get the paper on Tess. We sure weren’t perfect, but I don’t care because Tess is a very friendly, easy-going dog at heart. She has some more growing up to do -holy cow can she be a goofy puppy brain-and she HAS to check out anything that gives her pause or peaks her curiosity- but she’s got it all there. In fact, she’s the only dog of the five I can count on greeting any dog or person anywhere if they will greet her. If there was any way she was less than perfect last night, it was not in an bad way. Most importantly though – taking the CGC makes me really nervous. Really. I know it’s silly, but nervous like nothing else. Comparatively speaking, I’m a cool cucumber walking into the obedience ring, but I crumble at a silly CGC. I guess it’s because I just really want to get it over with… our club requires it to do the next thing, and I’ll have to wait another 3 months to do it again. Also, some of it may be the difference between doing a stand for exam, which nobody cares if your dog can do, and the embarrassment of an ill behaved dog….especially when you fancy yourself a dog trainer. Let me tell you, Tess is not the dog to get nervous with…she just checks out ostrich-style (lalala Icanthearyou yourenotthere lalala) until you can convince her you’re not a kelpie-brain eating zombie or worse. So if I got tense (like thinking ‘don’t go say hi to the strange dog, don’t go say hi to the…) then she’d pretend I wasn’t there until I could think a happy thought. Then there was the person in the ‘milling crowd’ with the beautiful big swirly skirt–Tess just had to see what that was about. Then, someone else’s dog started barking in the big echo-y building. Tess was pretty sure she needed to do something about that. This happened simultaneously as we set up to do the reactivity exercise. Yah. But we got through it. We can move on.

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  • vtdogs

    Yay Tess, glad you got that over with! Too funny, though, that the CGC is a stress…not obedience, not cattle, etc.

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