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Major Disappointment

This weekend we were out-of-town retrieving my daughter from the airport after her exchange year in southern Mexico. While I was gone, I had my son’s friend taking care of the birds and ” The Predator” came back. The night pen wasn’t securely closed I guess? Saturday night “it” (I’m pretty sure we’re talking about a fox) took off with FOURTEEN of my birds. My only herding livestock…
After a long winter of keeping them well & alive, waiting out the cold & snow, then while they sat on nests, raised the babies…all this time, months, of keeping them (oi, all those buckets of ice) but not being able to work them….suddenly they are all gone.

Now I have to buy new ones? Seriously? Do you know how much bantam ducks go for??? I am just crushed…annoyed…angry…and that’s about all the euphemisms I can deal with right now.

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