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Joe RL3

We finally went out and got Joe’s RL3 (APDT rally obedience level 3). All weekend I was getting comments like “Joe’s not an A [untitled] dog!”. But he was. I’ve been spending far more time & effort this past year raising puppies and working sheep than thinking about rally. Joe was all ready for RL3, oh gosh, 2 years ago. Then we just never did it. I love showing in level 3. Mesa & I did it a lot for fun. There are several beginning open and utility obedience exercises (retrieve, moving stands, directed jumping, signals, etc) and the courses really flow.

The lack of practice did show because he has a lot of problems wrapping his speckled brain around a directed jump when sent to his right (my left). Funny old dog. He has no problems doing it the other direction. We had to work very hard on that two years ago. Little practice let it disappear. But he qualified 3 out of 4 courses this weekend. Out of 210 possible points, he scored an NQ (failed on directed jump to his right), 205, and 210 as an “A” dog. That was his title because we went in with one leg from trialing one day last fall. Then he beat all the “B” dogs with another 210 and came home with 3 blue ribbons. Good boy, Joe.

Elli was originally entered in level 1, but I pulled her because she was in the tail end of her heat. Next time, El. I promise.

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