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A Clinic Day

I went out to Nancy Whelan’s place today for the 3rd day of the Larry Painter clinic going on there.
I got to say Hi to Larry, show Tess off to him (since he’s her breeder), and chat with folks all day long.

Larry got Tess & I doing our off-balance work. I’m glad I started that with him. Tess so completely did not believe I really wanted her to do that. It took quite some convincing. If Larry weren’t looking over my shoulder, I think I would have been sure I was doing something wrong and given up for the day! I couldn’t even call her too me for awhile, she really believed with all her herdin’-doggie soul that I was insane and she needed to go the other way. Once she gave in and I sent her on around, she got it. But boy was that a big step!

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