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Major Disappointment

This weekend we were out-of-town retrieving my daughter from the airport after her exchange year in southern Mexico. While I was gone, I had my son’s friend taking care of the birds and ” The Predator” came back. The night pen wasn’t securely closed I guess? Saturday night “it” (I’m pretty sure we’re talking about […]

Joe RL3

We finally went out and got Joe’s RL3 (APDT rally obedience level 3). All weekend I was getting comments like “Joe’s not an A [untitled] dog!”. But he was. I’ve been spending far more time & effort this past year raising puppies and working sheep than thinking about rally. Joe was all ready for RL3, […]

I really wish

it would stop raining, you know, just long enough for the duck pen to dry out?

Bluegrass Classic

I mean… wow… days and days of herding…..dogs…..sheep…..fiber festival!! Yowza. Every year I think “I’m gonna go down there!”. It’s ‘only’ a five hour drive, but every year it doesn’t quite work out. So this year I splurged on the new webcast. Right now it costs the rough equivalent of one tank of gas…not nearly […]

A Clinic Day

I went out to Nancy Whelan’s place today for the 3rd day of the Larry Painter clinic going on there. I got to say Hi to Larry, show Tess off to him (since he’s her breeder), and chat with folks all day long.

Larry got Tess & I doing our off-balance work. I’m glad […]


Elli was the delight of my Saturday, two weeks ago. It’s hard for me to convey the experience concisely and I’m only going to tell a splinter of our adventure so far so I hope this sort of makes senseā€¦ Elli is a late-bloomer, of sorts. The working instinct comes out in dogs at widely […]

Looking Back

Just saw my post about the egg that was apparently pulled from a nest a week or more ago. I actually forgot. What an idiot.

Interesting note: adoptive Call mom was one of the ducks that was taken…guess who filled the gap? Nope. One of the drakes!

Even more that’s less

*sigh* The other night “something” got into my duck pens. I haven’t had any creature bother my ducks for about 3 years. After the big Blue Swede Massacre of ‘Aught Eight the predators all went home satisfied? Things got kind of slack out there. I figure the creature was teaching me a lesson. The day […]