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That’s all for that then

Interesting phenomena…apparently the Call hen that was still on the nest stole the other ducklings.

It’s my fault I suppose. I started locking all the Call ducks up in the small enclosed (predator-proof) shelter [where the nest is] overnight because something pulled an egg out of the nest a couple nights ago. Yup there was […]

Double Heat

At least they both went together this time….none of that one after the other stuff. *whew*

Lyle Lad Clinic

Last weekend three of the dogs (Mesa, Elli, & Tess) and I braved the elements (steady 40mph winds, rain, sleet, & snow on Saturday) to attend a herding clinic at Wendy Peters’ farm near Aledo, IL.

Lyle is a top tier Border Collie handler in the US. Now, if you were all paying attention, you […]

New Stock

In the rest of the stockdog world, calves & lambs are being born. Here at the Red Dog home, on our 16th acre ranch, ducklings have arrived! The “Call” hens took up residence on two nests. One hatched out 12 ducklings last Saturday. The other “call” hen, and a Runner hen, are still vigilantly sitting. […]

Working Saturday

I had a gorgeous day Saturday working Elli, Tess, & Mesa on Dogwood sheep all day long. I’m so glad I was able to go yesterday because today is a sunny 85º F and we’re barely acclimated to 60º yet! [Love that Midwestern weather!] And was lovely to have all day to work.

This is […]


I’m having difficulty with this blog thing. I think of and compose all kinds posts while I’m far from my computer…out walking dogs probably, even in the shower… but I get in front of the computer and it all disappears from my mind! I started this blog as a training journal and accumulation of the […]