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This is my theory that I have

I have this hypothesis I’ve been experimenting with… I think part of a dog’s brain is in their tongue. So, if they are really smart, they have a bigger tongue (like Elli the Anteater). When they get hot, they start to pant and that part of their brain gets separated from the core. Then they […]

Doggie DVD

Parents have been known to toss in a DVD when they need to occupy a child for a time. Likewise, puppy owners are well advised to toss up a plastic water bottle when it’s storming out during exercise time.



Which one was found in the back yard playing with a Kelpie? Bad shoe!

Now You Know

The ears fall asleep too.


Hey! It’s time for my monthly blog update:

I spent Monday and Tuesday last week at an excellent Herbel clinic hosted by Mary Lou Hayden. I worked Mesa at the clinic proper. Really nice people to hang out with, some really good larnin’, and a lot of confidence gained. The really amazing part was the […]