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Just Saturday

Sitting on the tall stool in the kitchen thinking about a blog post…oops! can’t have that!

I usually wake up around 5-5:30 every morning. I love getting up early so I have time to sit around reading and drinking coffee and still have time to get things done before I have to go anywhere. Um, […]

First Week

WHEW— I made it! That was a crazy busy week!

Elli is a fantastic, fascinating dog. She latched on to me right away – very flattering. She became Joe’s shadow. I often walk into the room to find her hanging off his ear or jumping up and down on his head. He just sits there […]

The Trip Home

ugh…so much to write… sorry I didn’t write sooner. I slept instead! I got very little sleep the past two days… Big Things goin’ on…

I’m going to skip all the juicy details of taking a flight to and from O’Hare International during a major midwest snow storm. Maybe I won’t skip the part […]


Dun-dun dun-dun dun-dun….. the countdown begins to the Elli adventure. And the weather forecast is dismal. The current forecast is for many inches of blowing snow centered on my return flight to Chicago. : ( There’s nothing I can do but pack my toothbrush. Everything else is set to go. I’m leaving for Chicago tonight […]

When the puppy hits the fan

I was wrong. This post isn’t about Elli. I’ll tell you about Elli when she’s here. There’s a preview up there in the header bar somewhere. ^ This post is about getting ready for Elli and arctic mornings.

Today is an arctic morning. The sun is peeking over the horizon in those winter wash pastel […]