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We went out to western Illinois for an AHBA trial/test last weekend. I entered JHD on sheep since we had never done that one. I figured we’d gain experience on new sheep in a new place and watch an AHBA trial for the first time. I got this test idea from someone else who did […]

Waiting for a Rash

I haven’t gone tracking since a little after Joe got his AKC TD. It’s a one off deal…pass/fail…no points for good work. First you have to get into a test, then travel & motel expenses. One little bobble in your performance can blow the whole thing. I’m not the best at dealing with that kind […]


This weekend Mesa and I drove each morning to compete at the Peoria Obedience Training Club‘s trial, AKC Novice A. I’ve never been a morning person but, thanks to early morning herding, I’m getting much better at dragging my sorry butt out of bed at 5:30 am. Fortunately I found coffee both mornings. It’s a […]


This weekend Mesa, Kaia, and I played APDT Rally. Joe didn’t get to play because his registration number never came through.

I only entered Kaia in 2 level 1 courses because she’s not really ready for this. Even though it blew her chance at an award of excellence, I think it was a very positive […]

What we’ve been up to in the sheep pasture…

One of the things we’ve done a couple times now is go to herding early, before lesson times. We go out in the 12 acre pasture and collect the flock. How cool is that? I’m not sure how many sheep it is, but I know Mary Lou had 60 lambs this spring. It’s well over […]


I haven’t written about our herding in awhile. I kind of hate to do it. When I’m really proud of something Mesa is doing, I’m afraid I’ll misrepresent her feats as more impressive than they were. Most things we do are in learning mode and far from perfect. More and more, a lot of things […]