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Moshe Duck

When I finally got close enough, I found one of the ducks had been roughed up along with the one that was killed. Mostly it’s roughed up feathers on his neck & head, but he’s only got one eye now. He seems to be as ok as a one-eyed duck can be. I think I’ll […]

Speckled Clown

In the spirit of experimentation and pure goofiness…in the past two days “down”, for Joe, has come to mean throw yourself on the floor…on your back…and wave your legs in the air.

Duck Luck

Well….all 10 of my Indian Runner ducks went to their new home on Friday. Word to the wise: never ever drive 10 ducks for 3 hours in a closed up car. The air conditioning felt necessary but it took a whole day for my lungs to return to normal.

Anyway, after all that. I […]

Eye got a CD

This weekend Mesa & I earned her ASCA CD. She’s my Novice A dog so this was my first CD too.

I’ve been having problems transmitting my nerves to her and freaking her out in the ring. I’ve been at a loss on this one for many months. If you were reading last year, you […]

AHBA Weekend

Almost a month ago Mesa, Joe & I went to Custer, WI for an AHBA herding test. It was a newly built testing area, very nicely designed. The people at the farm were going to provide camping space, but it was just me camping so they put me up in their 35′ camper instead! Pure […]