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Kaia Houdini

While the Aussies and I were having a blast at an AHBA herding test in Custer, WI this weekend, Kaia went to Chicago with the rest of my family.

Just south of my Friday night resting place in Madison I got a call on my cell phone. It was a stranger asking if I have […]

Every Aussie needs a job

Here’s a couple of my dogs’ household jobs:

Joe’s big job is to wake my son up in the morning. I tell Joe, “Let’s go wake him up!” I have to open the gate, which keeps Joe from his other job: finding stuff (gloves, socks, stuffed animals, legos, plastic orcs…) and let him upstairs. My […]

Serious Quandry

On the same weekend: our club’s fall APDT rally trial and an ASCA stock trial near St. Louis that I wanted to go to since last fall. Joe will be ready for the one (no travel and I have free entries). Mesa is ready for the other (second closest ASCA stock trial, fun & educational, […]

Life With Simon

Yes. This is an “everyday” type of experience.

We returned home late last night from Madison [visiting good friends and picking up my intrepid partner after his solo 3 day bike tour from Iowa City to Madison]. We were greeted by frantic meowing we could hear from the car. Gee, poor ol’ Simon really […]