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Two Ducks to Good Home

The two taller ducks in the picture are my ornamental Lawn Ducks. They are a strongly bonded pair of Indian Runners — a fawn & white hen & a blue drake. They are 6 mo old (June) and looking for a home.  

Just Duckie

We’ve been awfully busy around here lately. A week ago we were in the Bay Area for my brother’s wedding celebration. It was a great party. For a week we got to play tourist and see all my family who live out there now. The dogs had their first boarding kennel experience. I missed a […]

Just Like That

A member of my dog training club is discovering herding with his newest dog. I love the description he posted today of what it feels like to learn herding at the same time as your dog:

“Herding is a befuddling activity. It’s like playing chess, only the chess pieces move by themselves and have their […]

Herding, herding, herding.

Well, it’s been a long time between updates again. As usual it’s because “all” we’ve been doing lately is herding. At Cow Camp we learned as much as we had in the whole past year. This past month we’ve learned as much as we have since we began almost two years ago. It’s been really […]