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We were first draw in the Gateway test! So here I am making reservations on the way home from Cowcamp to stop and be in a tracking test. I think I might be crazy.


Tonight is the draw for both the tracking tests I entered. In fact they should be done by now. *fingers crossed so hard they hurt*

I’m making up my packing list and preparing for my week long trip to Cowcamp. I’m the only one going with a non-Cattle Dog this session. It turns out coincidentally […]

Tracking Test

So, we didn’t pass. This time. Sunday was forecast 80deg and sunny. This is a condition no one has had a chance to train for yet this year. Fortunately it warmed up very slowly. The conditions during the TD tracks were wonderful. It was in the low 60’s and mostly cloudy. The ground was very […]

Welcome to my nightmare: The e-collar returns.

I took all three dogs out to the county park to run & play ball one week ago. It was a blast for all of us. We do it all the time in good weather so it’s been quite awhile. Today I had the tennis balls in a container in the back of the car […]

3 stooges

Super Sunday

Yesterday we took off early and went tracking. Joe ran a 30 min, 450yd track with 6 corners (to go around some woods), a nice ditch (with water) and a huge change of cover. I still can’t believe it when he tracks right on the footprints. Joe and I had an awesome time. Mesa sat […]

Normality (?)

Mesa is back to normal…a little fatter and out of condition, but normal. The frostbitten part still looks like when a kid keeps picking the scab on their knee, but the rest is very well healed. And some of the ducks are back. The inevitable occurred. It’s not pretty when you confine 5 male ducks […]

Mesa Update

Mesa is getting much much better. She’s still looking at her leg like it hurts? itches? pinches? when she walks. She is still avoiding walking because of that. But she’s out of the E collar, out of staples, done with bandages, almost done with antibiotics. The incipient scar is a really gross looking mess, but […]

A Good Day

JOE GOT HIS TRACKING CERTIFICATION!! He passed in fine style. He has such a deep nose and dedicated manner of tracking. I have a knot in the lead at 20′, not just to tell where the 20′ mark is, but to hold on to the freaking line because he will continue on without me. His […]