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Another vet visit

Two days before she was scheduled to get the stitches out. While I was at work yesterday something happened. Somehow Mesa was able to remove all the stitches on the descending portion of her injury. That part is right over her knee. It started splitting open last night. This morning I bought butterfly sutures to […]

Bringin’ you up to date

So what have the dogs & I been up to the past couple months?

Looking back, I’ve barely written anything since October. I’ve been working more hours than I really have time for as a homeschooling mom with young dogs to train. There’s been so much dog, family, & holiday stuff going on that a […]

Snow Tracking

Two weeks ago, I was really sick for a week. We’ve been out of town the past two weekends. This past week has been all snow fall & wind… terrible driving conditions or making up missed work. So we haven’t been tracking for two whole weeks. 🙁

Today Joe & went out in the snow. […]


Monday afternoon Kaia, Mesa, Joe & I were in the mowed part of the Observatory tracking fields playing frisbee (since our usual tennis balls tend to disappear under the snow). This was the afternoon before the big snowstorm that dumped 13 inches on us that night. There was only 3-4 inches on the ground. The […]