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Dead Duck

Lost a duck yesterday. A freaking HAWK. Now how am I supposed to keep hawks away from the ducks in broad daylight? The one that caught one of my ducks yesterday will certainly be back. It got a hell of a meal. Damn.

Crate Mates

  Mesa shares a crate with Bat the Cat.   Bat is 17 this year (and looking every month of it). She recently took to sleeping smack in the middle of Mesa’s or Joe’s bed. Mesa doesn’t seem to mind sharing. She carefully climbs in, settles around behind Bat, and goes to sleep.



No, really….they’re here. Yah. In my backyard. The plan is for them to be somewhere else soon. But for now, they’re in my garden.

They aren’t very happy about it either. They hated my driving.

The garden is pretty big for a town garden on a town lot, but it ain’t big enough for […]