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Herding 102

I’m all aggog. After all the fits & starts, things are really settling down to some serious training. It’s so much fun that we’re doing things now. Mesa is sooo motivated and easily handling corrections. She feels like a different dog. Her biggest problem has always been me of course. What to do with an […]

Tracking with Joe

I started tracking with Joe. We’ve been out four times and he’s really gung ho. Likes to move forward on the track and misses most food drops. As the sessions have passed, he’s keyed in more and more to the food and started ignoring the article (except to dig out the food) and even the […]

Bad Demo

Last Thursday I was asked if I’d do a clicker demo for the Puppy Elementary class with Joe at the Club while we were there for our Puppy Kindergarten. What fun! But I got the call around 4pm and class was at 6:30 and I’ve done almost no clicker work with him in weeks. I […]


Joe comes herding with Mesa & me every week. Usually he just gets to explore, say hi to the horses, look at the sheep & cows, tussle with available puppies. He got to herd sheep yesterday. We figure about once a month or so, we’ll work him on the puppy sheep for 5-10min. He’s very […]


Let’s see….what all’s going on?

Simon is healing. His pinned leg seems fine. He limps on the trimmed leg and lost a lot of muscle mass there. Hopefully we’ll see improvement as he uses it more. He’s been driving us insane. Ok, being crated is driving him insane and he’s just passing it on. When […]