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Puppy Sheep

Went out to Dogwood today. Mary Lou has some sheep she uses for introducing puppies to sheep. They are so dog-broke and steady that they are useless for regular herding but won’t mess with timid dogs or puppies. The puppy sheep are great because you have complete control…well usually. I wasn’t planning on doing any […]

Joe’s Ride Home

We traded off riding in the back with Joe. < -- Both boys are sound asleep. 🙂   Joe had a very busy evening. He had to meet Kaia, Mesa, & the cats. Bat couldn't believe we'd brought another one home. She was really ticked. In spite of my plans for a relaxed evening [...]

The Berlin Specimen

Mesa’s sleeping positions give us no end of conversational entertainment.

   I call this the Archeopteryx pose. She even has ‘feathers’ in the right place. You’ll have to use your imagination a little, two-dimensional pictures don’t quite convey the contortion of this one.

  My daughter worries Mesa will hurt herself. She does it […]


Looks like this is our guy:

Simon Thomas, Rabbit Killer

Simon started by bringing us dead voles. How charming.

One day Simon poked his head up in the front door window asking to come in, as usual. Then I heard a little animal screaming on the porch. *crap* It was a little baby bunny, eyes almost open. He wanted to bring it IN. It wasn’t […]


In one week I’m driving to Ohio to pick up a new dog.

I’m getting very excited. My general excitement is peppered with rushes of fabulous excitement & joy (big plans!) and occasional moments of fear & dread (three dogs!). We have been speculating what will happen when our puppy-loving dogs realize the interloper […]

Herding 102

Keeping up with this blog thing has been really hard lately..busy, busy, busy. I’ve been wanting to upload pictures, but the cord for my camera is missing. *sigh*

We finally went herding today. I wanted to put a loonng break between our ‘horrible herding’ in early June with a bizarrely reluctant dog and skip the […]