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We ran four courses at the Schiller Park APDT rally trial on Saturday. Our 1st two runs (level 1 & 2) earned us a 1st & a 5th place along with a crazy colorful rosette with lots of ribbons because we fulfilled the requirements for Mesa’s ARCH. WOOOWOOO!!


It’s typical high summer weather here, yucky hot & humid. I’ve been exercising the pups by driving out to the lake 15 miles away every couple of days. I throw tennis balls from the boat launch which is the only place I’m sure there’s no stray hooks or line. Kaia is a strong swimmer, but […]


Kaia is learning to jump on request…that is, improving her technique. I need to be careful about this. She tends to nick the jump (rear feet), no matter how low, when asked to jump. However, when she jumps spontaneously it’s with breathtakingly beautiful form and excellent judgement. We’ve seen her take a 2 ft tall, […]

holy moses

Today I got the placement ribbons from Mesa’s May RL2 weekend in the mail. I wasn’t sure what our placements were. I was so amazed that we placed, what we placed kind of went over my head. I had pieced together that we had placed 2-1st’s and 2-2nd’s, but I was wrong! We got 3-1sts […]