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Simon the Dog Cat

I haven’t said anything about Simon for awhile. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat now. I was worried about letting him out for his safety. We live on a side street, but lots of people use it as a busy intersection bypass on the way to & from work especially. Since they don’t live on this street, […]


Got to go herding today! ohmygosh is it hot. We went early as we could, but it was frying by 9am Indiana time….it’s the humidity. We slouched out of the shade into the field and the sun tried to pound us down into the ground. Mesa is starting to do very nicely. We hadn’t been […]

More About the Weekend


“A big dog party! … What a dog party!” — Dr. Suess  

First thing I have to do is praise rally people. What a nice bunch of folks. Even the people who are very competitive are sitting around & jawing with everyone all day. New people are welcomed with open arms. I never […]

Rally Weekend – Day 2

Another too long day…4 trials, volunteering, cleaning up.

Today my wonderful puppy dog & I were wiped. Our first run did get us a first place. We scored 210, 207, 204, & 194. For the weekend we racked up 8Q’s (4 QQ’s) and 119 championship points. I’m NEVER doing that again!! It was was too […]

Rally Weekend – Day 1

Quick post before I crash into bed….

I’ve been at the trial site since 7am and just got home. Looooong day! We did fantastic!!! We ran in 2 level 1 trials and 2 level 2 trials in the “B” class (that means we already have our titles). Mesa earned a 5th, 2nd, and 1st place, […]


This weekend Mesa got her APDT RL2 in Elburn. My dad lives in the vicinity and Ed had a soccer tourny to ref up there. We made a big family weekend of the trip.

We had, more or less, trained most of the level 2 exercises earlier this winter, some more, some less. But […]

Herding 102

My plan was to spend the weekend auditing a Larry Painter clinic at Dogwood. I had a great time auditing on Saturday. Surprise, surprise…. Mary Lou had cows! Ok, technically steers. A lot of the dogs worked the cows this weekend. Mesa has never seen a cow up close. I decided to bring her on […]

It’s Paid For…

Hey-hey!! I got the job! It’s very part-time. It has to be because I want to be home to school kids…don’t want to interfere with that! No more guilt that I’m driving us to the poor house though. 🙂 It’s just enough that I can pay for the dogs myself: damned expensive holistic dog food, […]