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Tracking by the seat of my pants

It was very, very windy today, NOAA says 30mph with gusting to 36, 57 deg, cloudy. I found a new area on the way to an old one. It’s a LOT closer than the one I was headed to today so I tried to check it out from the road. I misjudged the shape of […]

Oh yah

Wow have we had a great couple of days…week even! The tracks we’ve run since the workshop have been fantastic. We’re doing tracks 30-60 min old now. Mesa is staying on top of the track and indicating & searching for turns with increasing reliability. I’m learning to handle the line and let her work (and […]

What’s up

I miss sheep. *sigh* Since they’re only available to me on the weekends (facility schedule)… if my weekend has something else going on (like say, a tracking workshop) or Mary Lou isn’t there, we’re SOL. Mesa & I have been SOL for weeks now. This weekend we’ll have our only access to sheep until the […]

Tracking Weekend

Mesa & I had a marvelous weekend. We went to a fantastic tracking workshop at Carol Ruthenburg’s. I learned plenty I never knew and was reminded of everything I ever forgot… so much that half of it probably fell out my ears. I really needed help line handling Mesa on corners and I got it. […]

Storm Damage

We had some really beautiful weather last week. The dogs & I spent as much time as we could time out back fussing with the garden and sitting on the bench in the sun reading the new issue of Clean Run. Ok…I sit on the bench, Mesa sits under the bench, and Kaia is perched […]

New Classes

The new class session began this week… Mesa is taking a sub-novice class which is much better than the previous one we tried. This class is huge and there are quite a few people that were there the first night of the last one too. The instructor told me Mesa’s heeling was great (although she […]

Herding 102

Yesterday Mesa & I drove to Indiana to watch an ASCA trial and go herding ourselves. The weather caught everyone by surprise. It was sooooo nice the previous 2-3 days. The forecast was deceptively similar. Like an idiot, I went without all my extra clothes. Never ever travel to an outdoor anything of any kind […]

Fat Dog

Mesa is fat. It’s mortifying. I’m such a stickler about fat dogs. Mesa & Kai do so much running & jumping… extra fat could get them injured. I pay close attention to how much they are fed & coordinate it with how much work they are doing. Even so… Mesa suddenly got quite chubby under […]