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It’s the about the first the month so the monthly influx of magazines has begun…. I guess I get a few magazines, but it gives me enough to last a month and connect my two obsessions daily. (reading & dogs, of course)

I downloaded the new issue of Agilty Action and spent awhile giggling with […]

Clinic Camping

Like I said, a couple weeks ago, I audited a Kent Herbel clinic at Bellwether Farm in So. IL. The rest of my family went to a conference in No. IL the same weekend. They had to leave on Thursday, so it was not only a herding clinic, I had a whole Mom’s weekend off […]

A Whole Lotta Herdin’ Goin’ On

Mesa & I have been participating in some intense herding recently. I’m getting around to telling about it, but there’s a lot to say. In a (large) nutshell….

Two weekends ago I audited a Kent Herbel clinic. Mesa stayed in the car for that one… the venue was too advanced for us to participate. The […]

checking in

Just checking in…the conference is this weekend so all the hullaballo and busy is almost over. I won’t be at the conference this year…partner & kids are going w/o me. I’m going to be down south at a Kent Herbal clinic. The pups & I are going to leave a day early to go hiking […]