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Cross Tracks

We almost always have track contamination issues. There is just not a lot of open space around here. Any field in town is more or less heavily used by runners and people with dogs (including me). But recently we’ve had people mussing up my tracks right by the flag. Three out of the last four […]

Class Night

Not! About two minutes after I walked in the building, I found Mesa was in heat. ….so I just watched. I guess Kaia gets to go in her place for a couple weeks. And I just sent off the entry for a trial in two weeks… I guess this is life with an intact female!


Herding 101

I haven’t written very much about Mesa’s herding. So much happens at lessons and I’m unsure of my handle on the proper descriptive jargon. I tend to leave it until later and my memory of the details fades away. Here goes my effort at an update. I hope it makes sense!

Mesa has some really […]

vanishing act

I discovered, while looking back through the archives for a certain post, that there are a whole bunch of posts missing from this blog! There are also posts that had pictures which are no longer there. I don’t mean the blog is not finding the files. I mean the coding is gone out of the […]

On Track

We’re finally back in tracking mode. She’s fired up too. Here she’s just taken off from the flag. In my mind, I’m trying to decide if I should let some line out or slow her down a bit. Today was incredibly windy (mid-20’s mph, gusting to 50). I’m proud of myself for getting off my […]

The Cat Ate My Homework

Would you frigging believe this?

How’s Tricks?

We’ve got the ‘rollover’ down better now. Kaia does it on a small hand signal. She has a such hard time picking up verbals (except things like ‘outside’, ‘car’, and ‘walk’!). I prefer to work with hand signals for her and save the verbal cues for really important stuff. On verbal cue, Mesa throws herself […]

Full Class Week

The new session of classes began this week. Between me and the two dogs, I wound up with one class per night for 4 days.

I’m looking forward to teaching/assisting. I’m beginning to feel more confidence helping people with their dogs. I like Kaia’s Agility 2 class. The teacher is dynamic & knowledgeable and […]