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Herding Again


I have this nifty new camera and Mary Lou & I took turns working Mesa this morning, so I finally got some pictures of Mesa with the sheep. The 2 months off seem to have been good for Mesa and she didn’t forget a thing. Including how to pull off a little wool. […]

Ol’ Ironside

We had a very nice holiday…but the trip home was a bit of a disaster.

As we finished packing up the car, I tied shut a bag full of Christmas stocking candy and chocolate, stashed it under a duffle bag (stupidstupidstupid!), closed the dogs in the car and went in to say good-bye. We came […]

Merry Holidays

We’re off to our favorite dog spa for the Christmas holiday. First we’ll hit the big gift exchange, meal and megarelative gathering in the the city, then we’ll head far out to a spot in the country. A place my pups call “heaven”, or, would if they could talk. They recognize it as soon as […]


Joke’s on me. I got complainy, the weather got warm. Now it’s MUDDY!

Long, Looonng, Winter Already?

It’s been so amazingly cold and snowy for this time of year. What can we expect in February? It’s been that just-a -little-too-cold (for those of us not in the Yukon) for almost a month now I think. I wouldn’t care if I didn’t need to drag myself out in it, day after day, usually […]

Fun With a Flash

Captions for this picture? Hmm… Take Me To Your Leader…or… You WILL give me the cat food….or…. Throw The Ball! ….or….

I am…..Hypnodog!

Agility 1 & Puppy Juggling

Last night was the last session of our beginning agility class. It ended well, but we got off to a very rocky start weeks ago.

I have always had difficulty juggling the training of two puppies. It’s been nearly impossible to get 1-on-1 time with a pup much of the time. It would be […]

Cued Up

The hardest thing about training is choosing cues. We are training so many different things. I have to keep in mind what we want to do in the future, what we will be doing later this week. It’s the cues. The behaviors are ‘easy’ to get…but choosing something to call it that is unique (sit, […]

Trick Update

Both dogs now roll over well. Whew! That took awhile! Mesa caught on first and now does it on a signal. She’s almost on a verbal. Kaia took a whole day & 1/2 longer to figure out it was about the roll, not some weird attempt to sneak treats past her head. She still needs […]

Simon Report

Every box, bag, or piece of paper (and there are so many this time of year) must be poked, prodded, inspected, and sat in:  

But that’s pretty typical isn’t it?

My favorite new Simon pastime is something I like to call abusing monkeys. In the middle of the night,, he goes up into a […]