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Animal Inventions

We have an ancient (and senile) cat that I never talk about. That’s because Bat has spent most of the last 3 years in one of three places: my son’s bed, and a heating vent upstairs or the front porch, as seasonally appropriate. Since Simon was added to the mix, she’s suddenly part of the […]

Busy Day

I spent the day at Dogwood Farm auditing the first day of a Kent Herbal clinic. Very cool. I learned TONS. I was quite impressed. The weather turned out to be quite nice. Although the wind was ferocious, it was sunny and almost warm. I wish I could have taken Mesa. Next time….

On the […]



This Weekend

This weekend is going to be one of those ultra-busy ones all about dogs, but not including my dogs. Poor bored pups. Saturday I’m going to be freezing my ass off while auditing a herding clinic and Sunday I’m going to be a steward (Utility A & B) at an obedience trial.


I’ve been training the dogs to do a few tricks. So far they are very good at spin & twist (which is ‘spin’ in the other direction) on verbal cue, and shake. It was really easy to teach shake because both dogs are always pawing at things. Harder to do, but on my wishlist is […]

Rally On!

  Well. Well, well, well. Did we have a weekend!

We were entered in 2 APDT rally level 1 trials today. The first run this morning was a little sloppy. Best part was I was way less nervous. We were getting ready and a dog before us went a little faster than I expected. We […]

Rallying On

Today Mesa and I competed for the first time ever, together or apart. I can’t recall ever having participated in an competition event of any kind before. We got two qualifying legs in Level 1 APDT rally this morning. The first trial we were actually in a run-off with two other dogs for 3rd, 4th, […]




My dear sweet partner squirreled away money on the QT..and replaced my digital camera!

The exact same model as my beloved old one is now way spiffier. And there is a model that is has the exact same features, except it’s lighter and has a 2.5″ view screen…this is now mine!! You may not remember […]


I discovered Mesa can leave the yard anytime she wants…if she wanted to… Our rabbit keeps getting loose. The kids are having a hard time latching the door of his hutch properly and it has come open during the night three times in the last month. He must be jostling the door when he sleeps. […]