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Busy Busy

We’ve been up to so much lately that I don’t have time to really post about it all. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the kids helping them with their work. Let’s see if I can summarize what the pups & I have been up to….

We’ve been going to classes. I’ve been […]

Tracking Lesson

Today Mesa & I went to Carol Ruthenberg for a tracking lesson. She’s a member of our dog training club, a very active tracking judge of all three levels, and an accomplished Tervuren person. She is also incredibly helpful. I’ve been putt-putting along with Mesa’s tracking the last couple of weeks, not really sure where […]

Simon Thomas Kittypawz the Super Silver Swirlymaster

The dogs have a new toy. My daughter & I volunteer at the local humane society a couple times a week. We see LOTS of cats & kittens. One day we saw this guy. I went home and thought about him constantly for four plus days. He is gorgeous and has the most flexible, laid-back, […]

Educational Weekend

This past weekend I hauled myself (accompanied by Mesa & my son) to Manchester, MI to observe an ASCA stock dog trial. It was extremely educational. It was also quite a drive. We left on Friday to reach Hayes St Park where we stayed the night. I found a really spiffy little coffee shop in […]

Breakthrough Fetching

Finally. I can throw a ball and have one dog go after it. Then throw another ball for the other dog. Until now, I always had Kaia going after anything thrown (Must retrieve!) and Mesa going after Kaia anytime she moved (Must herd!…then she’d take the ball away from Kaia and bring it back). This […]

New Class Session

Last night a new session of training classes began at the dog club. I am assisting with the older puppy class again. Yesterday was an introductory day without dogs. It sounds like it’s going to be really ‘interesting’ and fun. LOTS of really active 4-6 month old pups…BC, Belgian Sheepdog, Lab, etc. Then Mesa & […]