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At my house…

Mesa the Amazing Kayaking Dog

We went herding again today. She does great driving. Nice stands. Great away to me’s. But when she goes on a come by she gets too close and breaks up the group. She does put them back together. If one gets away by itself, she looks around for a moment trying to figure out what […]

Canine Wierdos

Today I feel like writing about ‘endearing’ idiosyncratic behavior.

Mesa has this thing about running water, which is how she got giardia. When water is running (waterfalls, riffles, burbling brooks, faucets, the pump in our barrel pond), she has a deep desire to bite and play with it. This makes watering the garden or filling […]


I took Mesa out to Dogwood Farm about two months ago. I forgot to write about it because I got caught up trying to make a little digital camera film of her working usable for the blog. It was rough because she would work then not work so it was hard to get good shots. […]

The Great Escape(s)

A few nights ago I was woken up by frantic, loud barking…in our house. I stumbled out of bed to figure out why the dogs were so upset in the *&^%ing middle of the night (1:30am). As it turns out our neighbor was getting in with some visitors, no problem. But wait…that’s just Mesa. Where’s […]

Official Dog Log

  Hike/notes                                      Miles  (Total)

Pincie Creek,                                    2       (2)   BLM land, Carbondale, CO   great single-track mountain bike trail, hot & sunny Bighorn Creek Trail,                          4       (6)   Eagles Nest Wilderness, CO   excellent altitude warmup hike,   turned back early due to T-strm

Whitney Lake Trail,                           5       (11)   Holy Cross Wilderness, CO   1800’ gain, beautiful […]

Pup Pack Details

The brand of packs we eventually chose for hiking ended up being determined by the dogs’ sizes rather than any design. Both dogs are small bodied. Kaia is full grown (22″, 41#). She has long legs, but a very narrow, sleek body. So far I haven’t found a single harness that actually fits her. If […]


Well, here it is…our trip as short as I could make it. That is….really long. It was a very eventful trip and I’ve left most of everything out for length. And there’s not one damned picture. (*humph*)

We drove I-80 this time, for the motels. We usually go via US rt. 36. That way lies […]

Colorado Pack Dogs

We’re back! We spent most of the week hiking and backpacking. Some days were spent in a motel because of awful camping weather. These pups were brilliant and had quite a week! And….since DH somehow misplaced my digital camera somewhere on the hike up Chihuahua Gulch…there are no pictures of the primo pack pups deep […]