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My bizarro Lab mix does somersaults. She discovered the ecstasy of somersaulting on the couch at an early age. But now, as a full grown dog she is constantly jumping up on the couch to somersault when she’s keyed up. I think maybe this is something I should try to put on cue. It’s pretty […]

Heated Trial

I helped out at another AKC agility trial this weekend (indoors fortunately). It was fun, but I missed the food. 🙁 My participation was a little half-hearted this time….I didn’t show up early to watch and try to chat with folks (that’s how I missed the food) because I’m preoccupied with relaxing after last week […]

Camping Notes

This past week we were camping, with dogs, in Wisconsin. DH and DBIL wanted to do a multi-day bike tour. We just tagged along in the car. They planned it to end up at various south central microbreweries. The dogs weren’t really into that…no beer for them, they had to stay in the car. But […]


I finally found a way to get the antibiotics in her eye without an epic struggle: do it when she’s asleep! If you had any idea how strong her little body is and how vehement her struggle…oi. This way, she doesn’t even wake up. It’s just plain wierd. But she isn’t sleeping first thing in […]


Well now that a couple days have passed, we can see that Mesa’s eye seems to be healing beautifully. The swelling is almost gone. The antibiotic ointment seems to be causing some irritation, but that passes by the time we need to do the next application. In the previous entry picture below you can just […]



Mesa is sort of getting used to the collar. She’s running into everything full bore. The thing is now all crinkled and banged up…looks like she’s been wearing it for days & days. She’s going completely stir-crazy. We’ll try to take her for a walk tonight. Her eye looks awful.


Morning After

This morning Mesa’s pupil is back to normal and she’s quite her old self. Her eye is wide open and the swelling around it is WAY down. Her eye is open enough that we can see the eye itself is swollen on one side and cloudy with a wrinkle on the surface. Needless to say […]


Well…her eye looks really bad (in my opinion). But I think she’s just fine otherwise. Her nap is over and she’s up and around just like usual. She was trying to get out the back door to play fetch with me & Kaia. She is following me around the house in high hopes of a […]

Panic Suppression

I’m writing right now to give myself something to do. I’m home alone, my family has left for an annual celebration with good friends. I’m watching Mesa. This morning she dodged in front of me while I was opening the refrigerator door and it hit her head, hard (she caught the edge of the door […]