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A Question…

…about Kaia’s foot…. Yesterday, with a foot swollen like a little club (see the comment with “Hurt Dogs?”), she succumbed to her nature and I caught her jumping and playing when I had let her out to the bathroom. She came in with a LUMP on the top of her foot. Right in between the […]

Let Sleeping Dogs Lay

She’s absolutely dead to the world on the kitchen floor.

Hurt Dogs?

Yesterday while we were fetching in the lake, Kaia came up lame. I saw it happen, she was bouncing forward through the water and she bounced up and stopped. She’d obviously hurt her foot. I called her in and checked it over very carefully (terrified of a fish hook). There was nothing I could see, […]

Hot Dogs

Late this morning the girls & I headed out for a swim at our local lake. The north shore boat ramp area was deserted in the blistering morning heat. I parked in some shade, harnessed up the girls, and set them loose. In a nice shallow spot I tossed Air Kongs for both dogs. I […]

No Class

Tonight is Kaia’s last sub-novice class. My heart is not in it! Our instructor is actually quite good (and I’d like to take another class with her). We’ve worked on things that will help us in Rally. But, I only signed up because it is the requirement to get into the agility classes. While Kai […]

Hip Shots

Kaia got hip & elbow x-rays today to be sure she’s fit…for me to ask her to do the kinds of things she’s already been doing! You shoulda seen those pictures…ahh! they were a thing of beauty. I wish I’d thought to take a picture to post. Just beautiful! She has perfect hips & elbows. […]

Family Pictures

Mesa’s brother, Levi:

He’s a handsome fellow isn’t he?   I pretty much only have Mesa’s ASCA registration photos, and two shots of her laying down. She’s SO hard to catch in the cross-hairs. Anytime she catches me pointing the camera at her, she has to come see what’s going on. I […]

Farmer’s Market

This morning we did our (almost) weekly socialization tour of the local Farmer’s Market. We went at 10am…the busiest time. It was crowded…people, kids, lots of other dogs, friends to stop and talk to…in fact it was a zoo. She was excited at first, but settled down after we stood talking to a friend. She […]

CGC redux

I want to write a little bit more about our CGC test because I came away with a negative feeling about the whole thing. It was really hard because of the long wait. I also thought we did a poor job. But, I thought about it and realized that we actually did pretty good. I […]

Mesa Roja CGC

Mesa passed the CGC last night. It was a near thing too! All week I’ve been driving an hour away to take my DD to the summer camp for a program she’s involved with…then I kill time (for 6 hrs) until she’s done. Driving back then going out again to pick her up didn’t work […]