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Dog Packs

I’ve been researching dog packs for Kaia. We’re going backpacking in Colorado later this summer and need to choose something soon so Kaia has a chance to get used to it and learn to carry her food and some water. This has turned out to be a real, confusing, pain. There aren’t any available to […]

Class Night

Had puppy class tonight… Mesa did so well with the person visiting/petting/grooming CGC practice. She’s even sitting still for me to stay while I go two steps away for 10s. That may not sound like much, but she’s finally getting the idea of ‘stay’. It took a couple weeks of off & on practice for […]

Random Notes

Kaia and I attended our Sub-Novice class tonight. That’s a special event since we missed the last two weeks! (Sorry Val!) We blew the first one off on purpose. We just needed a break. Missing the next one was beyond our control. Anyway, we had a good time. Kai didn’t want to pay attention. The […]

More dog juggling

So, why am I so down on Training Sessions? I guess it’s because I’m not an experienced trainer. I just never know what to do next and I’m not very good at planning what I’m going to do. It all gets too hard in my head and I go do something else… Today we went […]

Dog Juggling

One of my big frustrations with training two pups is that I used to train as part of everyday. I mean, I used to work it into everyday life rather than having Training Sessions. A stay was required to get the buster cube, a sit to get a treat, etc, etc. We practiced our obedience […]


I spent a bunch of my day observing at a APDT Rally trial here in town. It was so much more interesting to watch than regular obedience. Ok, not that it’s exciting…I mean even agility can get repetitive. But, there was enough going on to keep me looking. Each team was very different whereas in […]


Today’s walk was an immense success. We went to the forestry plot at the University (our local imitation forest–lots of birds, plants, paths, and shade, but the trees are all in lines). Both dogs were really well behaved. I had them both on lead, one-on one-off and both off at varying times. We did recalls […]

Puppy Elementary

Mesa’s obedience class was last night. It went pretty well. But the fact that she’s now 5mo old (ie, I’m not the exact center of the world to her anymore) and I’ve been run ragged by both dogs lately (and so not doing as much ‘homework’ as I ought) really does show. *sigh* Her maniacal […]

Do Not Adjust Your Set

The right hand column is currently missing due to the right hand column code being GONE. Just gone. *poof* &%@# computers… It’s going to take me awhile (days & days) to get around to recoding it if we can’t retrieve it from a back up. In the meantime I suppose you could just enjoy the […]

Another Day

The kids and I took the dogs out to a local “wild” area together this morning. They are doing MUCH better since our most recent hike from hell. Using the clicker while out for in-town walks got the idea in their head that pulling is the problem and slack leads are gooood. I’ve been doing […]