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Trials and Tribulations

Today I volunteered at our local club’s spring AKC agility trial. It was a weird experience. I’ve been trying to go to agiilty trials to watch and learn. I volunteered because I thought I’d learn more about what goes into the whole thing and I feel like an idiot standing around while everybody is working […]

Mesa’s Fur

Mesa is having a growth spurt. It’s nuts. I can SEE her growing everyday…and it’s all adolescent-style wonky gangliness. I swear one day her back legs grow, next day her back gets longer, then a few days later her front legs grow. Her fur is coming in thick and soft. The deep liver red fur […]


I have so much stuff runing around in my head! It’s going to take forever to pull this bit of bandwidth together. I would like to somehow piece together everything… from chronicling our day-to-day bits & accomplishments (AND disasters…like the day DS let Kaia out in the backyard while I was out walking with Mesa….Kaia […]

That’s what I’m talking about

This blog is about my dogs, especially my red dog. It also records my experiences trying to learn about and become involved in dog sports. And, last, but most time consuming….my desperate attempts at becoming a decent trainer.