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Joe RL3

We finally went out and got Joe’s RL3 (APDT rally obedience level 3). All weekend I was getting comments like “Joe’s not an A [untitled] dog!”. But he was. I’ve been spending far more time & effort this past year raising puppies and working sheep than thinking about rally. Joe was all ready for RL3, […]

I’ve Created a Monster(s)

I play lots of retrieving games to encourage the dogs’ desire to retrieve. Mesa was a born retriever, but I taught her to retrieve what I point to…very useful when my back goes out! Joe was a complete non-retriever and it’s been a long haul to instill his desire. To keep it high, I almost […]

AKC Obedience Weekend

This weekend was our training club’s June AKC trial. Mesa was entered in Open A (in open the “A” means the dog has no open title yet) and Joe was entered in Novice B (in novice the “B” means it’s not my first obedience dog).

Open level exercises are: Heel Off Leash (includes a Figure […]

Figure 8 proofing

I had an exciting breakthough in obedience training yesterday. Joe’s Figure 8 in practice is a marvel (to me!) of precision, attitude, and attention. His Figure 8 in the ring is another thing entirely. Obviously we don’t proof it right? Well we figure 8 around people, people with dogs, all manner of upright inanimate objects […]

Rally ‘Round

for a quick weekend summary….

Mesa, Joe, and I entered our local RCCU APDT Rally trial this weekend. This is Mesa’s last blowout and the last rally trial for many months for the rest of us. Joe and Kaia will both do rally next year and maybe later this fall. But Mesa is officially retiring […]

Another day, another trial

Another rally trial this weekend…a nicely done trial in the middle of nowhere north of Bloomington. (Bet you didn’t know that’s where The Middle of Nowhere is didya?) Joe & Mesa were successful at their double Q’s, both earned two more legs. That means Joe earned his ARCH this weekend! It’s really challenging to be […]

More rally & stuff

This weekend, Joe, Mesa & I went to an APDT rally trial in northern IL. It was a one day trial, although this year I am making a practice of only attending one day of out-of-town trials. I don’t need to spend the money on motels. Motels are only for really special events this year. […]

Peek a Boo

Since the dogs were little pups, I took them on off leash walks and worked on making it worth their while to stay near and keep an eye on me. One of the ways I did that (and still do) was to dive behind a clump of tall grass, tree, etc. if they got too […]

Joe Da Man! Uh, Dog!

This past weekend we attended the first HWASC ASCA Tracking Test. We had so much fun! Joe and I drew the second track in a neat area. There was a great hill where the gallery can see all the tracks being run and you never have to move the car.

We started strong, but […]

Rally Weekend

This weekend was our local bi-annual APDT rally trial. I entered all three dogs this time with certain specific goals. I figured I might as well get it over with here because I’m certainly not traveling with three dogs! I’m not sure what I will do about Kaia and Joe’s rally future. I will definitely […]