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Life With Simon

Yes. This is an “everyday” type of experience.

We returned home late last night from Madison [visiting good friends and picking up my intrepid partner after his solo 3 day bike tour from Iowa City to Madison]. We were greeted by frantic meowing we could hear from the car. Gee, poor ol’ Simon really […]


Let’s see….what all’s going on?

Simon is healing. His pinned leg seems fine. He limps on the trimmed leg and lost a lot of muscle mass there. Hopefully we’ll see improvement as he uses it more. He’s been driving us insane. Ok, being crated is driving him insane and he’s just passing it on. When […]

Simon’s Tale

Simon was missing for two days. Just so you know, that’s very weird. Simon is not a usual cat. Lots of cats go on walkabout sometimes, but not Simon. He’s always around the house somewhere. You can usually even see him. On the back fence. In the street. On the neighbor’s roof. I noticed right […]

Simon Thomas, Rabbit Killer

Simon started by bringing us dead voles. How charming.

One day Simon poked his head up in the front door window asking to come in, as usual. Then I heard a little animal screaming on the porch. *crap* It was a little baby bunny, eyes almost open. He wanted to bring it IN. It wasn’t […]

Simon the Dog Cat

I haven’t said anything about Simon for awhile. He’s an indoor/outdoor cat now. I was worried about letting him out for his safety. We live on a side street, but lots of people use it as a busy intersection bypass on the way to & from work especially. Since they don’t live on this street, […]

The Cat Ate My Homework

Would you frigging believe this?

Simon Report

Every box, bag, or piece of paper (and there are so many this time of year) must be poked, prodded, inspected, and sat in:  

But that’s pretty typical isn’t it?

My favorite new Simon pastime is something I like to call abusing monkeys. In the middle of the night,, he goes up into a […]