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June Clinic & May Cows

I went to another clinic with Kent Herbel this weekend. After the two trials we have been to (HWASC & SEMASA) I saw a clear problem with each dog that I wasn't effectively dealing with. I even had a hard time articulating it for Kent, but upon demonstration it they were pretty clear. I […]

A Clinic Day

I went out to Nancy Whelan’s place today for the 3rd day of the Larry Painter clinic going on there. I got to say Hi to Larry, show Tess off to him (since he’s her breeder), and chat with folks all day long.

Larry got Tess & I doing our off-balance work. I’m glad […]


Elli was the delight of my Saturday, two weeks ago. It’s hard for me to convey the experience concisely and I’m only going to tell a splinter of our adventure so far so I hope this sort of makes sense… Elli is a late-bloomer, of sorts. The working instinct comes out in dogs at widely […]

Lyle Lad Clinic

Last weekend three of the dogs (Mesa, Elli, & Tess) and I braved the elements (steady 40mph winds, rain, sleet, & snow on Saturday) to attend a herding clinic at Wendy Peters’ farm near Aledo, IL.

Lyle is a top tier Border Collie handler in the US. Now, if you were all paying attention, you […]

Working Saturday

I had a gorgeous day Saturday working Elli, Tess, & Mesa on Dogwood sheep all day long. I’m so glad I was able to go yesterday because today is a sunny 85º F and we’re barely acclimated to 60º yet! [Love that Midwestern weather!] And was lovely to have all day to work.

This is […]


I’m having difficulty with this blog thing. I think of and compose all kinds posts while I’m far from my computer…out walking dogs probably, even in the shower… but I get in front of the computer and it all disappears from my mind! I started this blog as a training journal and accumulation of the […]

City Girl Learns to Work Stock

It’s really interesting working with 4 dogs at once. I always wondered how professional trainers do it. I used to have such problems working just the two. Switching back and forth was really hard because of their different understandings, personalities, sensitivities, etc. It was very exhausting and crazy at first, but it turns out there’s […]

Working Ducks

Mesa & I have started working the ducks again.

As I probably pointed out sometime before, my yard is not appropriate for dog-breaking ducks or duck-breaking a dog. The open part -not garden, patio, or side yard is roughly 42′ x 20′- too small for an inexperienced dog to stay far enough off them […]

Sheep & Stuff

I had a wonderful Saturday. Mesa, Joe, Elli & I were out at Dogwood for hours yesterday. Mesa and I got so much done at Larry’s a couple of weeks ago. This was the first time we could practice on sheep since we got back. We were able to reproduce and reinforce the great big […]

Cowcamp 2010

This morning I only have 3 dogs following me room to room. Because late last night Mesa, Elli, & I got back from a week at Larry Painter’s Cowcamp.

Elli was experiencing travel, meeting people and stock, hanging out:

Mesa was there to work:

There weren’t many people at this first Cowcamp […]