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Bob the Kelpie

In Australia they have sheepdog kid’s songs:

Bob the Kelpie

I ♥ Bob. 🙂

Salsa Dog

Someone please tell Joe to stop stealing little plastic cups of salsa (from Huaraches Moroleon) off the counter when I leave the room. I know they’re good. That’s why -I- want to eat them.

Summer Reading

There are some excellent training posts popping up this week. It doesn’t matter what your sport is….the thoughts are still valid. Brain food while you’re stuck indoors:

1) 1100 Miles Home “The dog is NOT being ‘bad’, it’s just over it’s head. I did not do my job of preparing my dog well enough. My […]


Just gave Elli a bath…..found new source of garden compost! Who knew dog fur could hold that much dirt! I bet she lost a couple pounds…

I really wish

it would stop raining, you know, just long enough for the duck pen to dry out?

Looking Back

Just saw my post about the egg that was apparently pulled from a nest a week or more ago. I actually forgot. What an idiot.

Interesting note: adoptive Call mom was one of the ducks that was taken…guess who filled the gap? Nope. One of the drakes!

Double Heat

At least they both went together this time….none of that one after the other stuff. *whew*