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June Clinic & May Cows

I went to another clinic with Kent Herbel this weekend. After the two trials we have been to (HWASC & SEMASA) I saw a clear problem with each dog that I wasn't effectively dealing with. I even had a hard time articulating it for Kent, but upon demonstration it they were pretty clear. I […]

Mesa Working Cattle

I have some pictures of Mesa working this past weekend! These are from Started Cattle at the HWASC spring ASCA stock trial.

I believe these are a couple pictures from each day. Saturday I was wearing my big brown coat and freezing and I don't remember the sun coming out!


Sunday Double Feature

Sunday was an amazingly adventurous day for us, these days. It featured Mesa’s & my first herding trial in 3 years, and Tess’s first ever. That was the main plot, but there were some fun side stories too.

I originally entered on Saturday only. Then I needed to move it to Sunday so I could […]

Major Disappointment

This weekend we were out-of-town retrieving my daughter from the airport after her exchange year in southern Mexico. While I was gone, I had my son’s friend taking care of the birds and ” The Predator” came back. The night pen wasn’t securely closed I guess? Saturday night “it” (I’m pretty sure we’re talking about […]

Even more that’s less

*sigh* The other night “something” got into my duck pens. I haven’t had any creature bother my ducks for about 3 years. After the big Blue Swede Massacre of ‘Aught Eight the predators all went home satisfied? Things got kind of slack out there. I figure the creature was teaching me a lesson. The day […]

That’s all for that then

Interesting phenomena…apparently the Call hen that was still on the nest stole the other ducklings.

It’s my fault I suppose. I started locking all the Call ducks up in the small enclosed (predator-proof) shelter [where the nest is] overnight because something pulled an egg out of the nest a couple nights ago. Yup there was […]

New Stock

In the rest of the stockdog world, calves & lambs are being born. Here at the Red Dog home, on our 16th acre ranch, ducklings have arrived! The “Call” hens took up residence on two nests. One hatched out 12 ducklings last Saturday. The other “call” hen, and a Runner hen, are still vigilantly sitting. […]