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Therapy Dog

Yesterday Kaia and I passed the Delta Society “pet partners” skills and aptitude tests. Gotta send in all the paperwork, then Kaia’s gonna be a Therapy Dog. There’s a very active canine therapy organization in this area. Kaia and I would like to do some of the lower key types of activities like Read to […]

Rally Weekend

This weekend was our local bi-annual APDT rally trial. I entered all three dogs this time with certain specific goals. I figured I might as well get it over with here because I’m certainly not traveling with three dogs! I’m not sure what I will do about Kaia and Joe’s rally future. I will definitely […]


This weekend Mesa, Kaia, and I played APDT Rally. Joe didn’t get to play because his registration number never came through.

I only entered Kaia in 2 level 1 courses because she’s not really ready for this. Even though it blew her chance at an award of excellence, I think it was a very positive […]

Kaia Houdini

While the Aussies and I were having a blast at an AHBA herding test in Custer, WI this weekend, Kaia went to Chicago with the rest of my family.

Just south of my Friday night resting place in Madison I got a call on my cell phone. It was a stranger asking if I have […]

Welcome to my nightmare: The e-collar returns.

I took all three dogs out to the county park to run & play ball one week ago. It was a blast for all of us. We do it all the time in good weather so it’s been quite awhile. Today I had the tennis balls in a container in the back of the car […]


Joe comes herding with Mesa & me every week. Usually he just gets to explore, say hi to the horses, look at the sheep & cows, tussle with available puppies. He got to herd sheep yesterday. We figure about once a month or so, we’ll work him on the puppy sheep for 5-10min. He’s very […]


Let’s see….what all’s going on?

Simon is healing. His pinned leg seems fine. He limps on the trimmed leg and lost a lot of muscle mass there. Hopefully we’ll see improvement as he uses it more. He’s been driving us insane. Ok, being crated is driving him insane and he’s just passing it on. When […]


Kaia is learning to jump on request…that is, improving her technique. I need to be careful about this. She tends to nick the jump (rear feet), no matter how low, when asked to jump. However, when she jumps spontaneously it’s with breathtakingly beautiful form and excellent judgement. We’ve seen her take a 2 ft tall, […]

Agility 1 & Puppy Juggling

Last night was the last session of our beginning agility class. It ended well, but we got off to a very rocky start weeks ago.

I have always had difficulty juggling the training of two puppies. It’s been nearly impossible to get 1-on-1 time with a pup much of the time. It would be […]

Snow Hiking

We’ve been hiking a couple of times since we got decent snow. This is the first time I got decent pictures! There was no one out there this morning. It was beautiful. No wind for once, sunny…I actually got hot. We followed deer trails off trail (so we weren’t near a road or the lake) […]