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Elli was the delight of my Saturday, two weeks ago. It’s hard for me to convey the experience concisely and I’m only going to tell a splinter of our adventure so far so I hope this sort of makes sense… Elli is a late-bloomer, of sorts. The working instinct comes out in dogs at widely […]

Inappropriate Monkeys

I have to go off on human beings today and our bizarro reactions (to..what? puppies? cute dogs?). As I’ve said before, I did some concentrated work with Elli greeting strangers. She’s done really well, but I’ve gotten some of the weirdest damn reactions to her. [I forgot to tell you the stimulus for people’s reactions. […]


“And you see those? Those are chick-ens. We’re not allowed in there.”

Baby Pictures

Here’s some new pictures of Elli. They are so hard to get!! She’s either in my face or too far away and moving, always moving. I have lots of electronic files of blue & white blurs.

Hibiscus? Not anymore!

Someone PLEASE tell me what my pup has against the poor hibiscus near the back door?

None of the dogs has ever shown an interest in it. Youngest chose and planted it as a preschooler so it’s kind of dear to me. Elli just can’t leave the damned thing alone. She’s digging up the […]

Cowcamp 2010

This morning I only have 3 dogs following me room to room. Because late last night Mesa, Elli, & I got back from a week at Larry Painter’s Cowcamp.

Elli was experiencing travel, meeting people and stock, hanging out:

Mesa was there to work:

There weren’t many people at this first Cowcamp […]

Elder Abuse

Notes from the Front Line - part 1

Here we go into the ‘terrible twos’ of puppyhood. Elli is quite the character. I cringe and expect many more such anecdotes. It’s not too hard to distract me with 4 dogs, 2 older kids at home, work, study, and dog club stuff. I need to make a more rigid schedule to avoid these little […]

After Hawai'i


I swear I got teary-eyed when the plane pulled away from the gate in Kona. I told you I wouldn’t want to come back. This past week has been hell. LONG trip back from Hawaii with an overnight flight from San Francisco to Chicago and morning drive home to central Illinois on Monday. I […]

The Trip Home

ugh…so much to write… sorry I didn’t write sooner. I slept instead! I got very little sleep the past two days… Big Things goin’ on…

I’m going to skip all the juicy details of taking a flight to and from O’Hare International during a major midwest snow storm. Maybe I won’t skip the part […]