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Fall Update

Big story of the summer was our recent horrible experience with apparently Frontline resistant fleas(???). Joe has been a scratchy mess since sometime in July. Joe looked like he had a Mesa-like allergy…chewing on his legs, etc. I could not find any physical evidence of fleas. Then there was the occasional scratches from Elli, Tess […]

Heat & Tess JHDs

Getting behind with the blog again. It’s has fallen by the wayside while I concentrate on exercising & training the dogs in this heat, kids, earning money so I can keep herding… Extreme summer weather entails a lifestyle change that is very difficult for me. I adore getting up very early in the morning, BUT […]

Bluegrass Classic

I mean… wow… days and days of herding…..dogs…..sheep…..fiber festival!! Yowza. Every year I think “I’m gonna go down there!”. It’s ‘only’ a five hour drive, but every year it doesn’t quite work out. So this year I splurged on the new webcast. Right now it costs the rough equivalent of one tank of gas…not nearly […]


I’m having difficulty with this blog thing. I think of and compose all kinds posts while I’m far from my computer…out walking dogs probably, even in the shower… but I get in front of the computer and it all disappears from my mind! I started this blog as a training journal and accumulation of the […]

Water Dogs

Now I know what happens to an adolescent Kelpie who has had restricted exercise for 3 days. I will spare you the gory details, but barking figures prominently. I think I still have a husband…hmmm. I also unequivocally found that mental stimulation is no substitute for a good run.

I (not by choice) haven’t taken […]

Auto Draft

Poor Elli. Joe seems to have gotten a lot more heat tolerant with maturity. But poor Elli is panting heaviliy. She has her own dedicated fan. That doesn’t stop her from periodically romping and going stir-crazy from laying about.

Mesa is FINALLY blowing her coat. All these long months she’s been carrying this weird heavy […]

This is my theory that I have

I have this hypothesis I’ve been experimenting with… I think part of a dog’s brain is in their tongue. So, if they are really smart, they have a bigger tongue (like Elli the Anteater). When they get hot, they start to pant and that part of their brain gets separated from the core. Then they […]

Doggie DVD

Parents have been known to toss in a DVD when they need to occupy a child for a time. Likewise, puppy owners are well advised to toss up a plastic water bottle when it’s storming out during exercise time.



Which one was found in the back yard playing with a Kelpie? Bad shoe!

Now You Know

The ears fall asleep too.